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As part of the California and National PTA, our mission at Crest Elementary PTA is to "Positively impact the lives of all children.". coyote_logo_smWe all know we have to start in our own backyard to effect change. As a local unit PTA, we here at Crest Elementary strive to make a difference each and every day by offering programs and services that benefit not only our students and their families, but also assist the school administration and Crest community as a whole. Our focus in 2016-17 is on "Family Engagement" and working together throughout the community in common support of the academic, social, and emotional well being of our Crest Elementary students.

Our goals for the 2016-17 school year include:

  • Increasing membership, especially the of number of men and extended family in our PTA. Fathers, grandpas, uncles, big brothers; we need you! Do you enjoy sports? Chair our Running Club or ChazzLive fitness membership drive! Have a special craft the students might be impressed by? Give a classroom presentation! Not sure how to get involved? Need ideas where you can help? Fill out this quick Volunteer Survey and we'll be happy to plug you into an area you'll enjoy and the kids will benefit from! Grandmas, Aunties, big Sis; we need you too! Only have a limited amount of time? How about signing up to baby-sit during an event or meeting for an hour or two. Everything counts and everyone has something to offer. It is proven that students with families that are engaged and supportive do far better in their academic endeavors. We want to offer them every advantage. Sign Up Now!

  • Increased communication. We're going online! We want to "keep it simple". To help us out we've adopted a mobile SchoolAPP. Our customized app is available NOW! Crest Elementary custom mobile app is available for Apple and Android phones. It will enable us to forward the information you need, when you need it. It's linked to school district information, school calendar, and much more. You'll receive notices directly to your cell phone when you download the app and (FREE)! . We are supporting the cost of the application by partnership with local businesses to sponsor a banner ad (only 5 available) on the mobile app. Interested? Tap on the banner Ad at the bottom and send a request for info or e-mail crestpta@outlook.com

  • Offering online membership registration and payment via the new mobile app and our own website. (available in Aug)

  • Offering our very own online store. Visit Coyote Spirit Gear Store! Yes, Coyote Swag and spirit items available online 24/7 from anywhere in the world! Grandma and Grandpa in North Dakota can support Johnny, in Crest, by ordering their sweats and coffee cups online and having them delivered right to their door. We'll also be adding online "Student Store" soon!

  • Bringing new and exciting opportunities for family participation. Including family game nights and fun and interactive assemblies chosen specifically to support family engagement and educational to boot.

  • Coyote Student Blog Spot Our students at Crest are "in the know" and love to share their ideas, opinions, and experiences with one another and their families. Follow the goings on at Crest Elementary from a student's perspective as Addie Castillo reports on campus and community student news through her very own online blog! Is your student a "coder" send us a link to their page or blog for consideration.

Please note events dates are currently tentative. They will be confirmed the week of Aug 11th.

We have lots of great ways for you to support your kids! Let us know how you'd like to help. Just fill out this quick Volunteer Survey and we'll be happy to have you share in the fun.


Thank you for visiting our new website! Please bookmark this site and visit often to stay informed and share the fun we have serving and supporting our kids and our community though the Crest Elementary PTA. See you soon!___Deborah Blake, PTA President